Avilli-116: Aurore

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10 (+ 2)

15 (+ 5)

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15 (+ 3)

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Black Flower
Deep Obsidian
Desert Glass
Fog and Fury - Background

The center of the sun

Aurore: Knowledge is Light

Aurore's full story can be found in chronological order on her Toyhouse, and as it develops various links will be found on my main Painted Relics profile page.




Aurore was the kind of child borne from the mainland of Lynorre with no immediate family. Where most children are seen as a blessing, Durna, her mother, was living far from the Tree on purpose, and her visit unfortunately coincided with Aurore's hatching. The clumsy newborn was tripping over her wings just to get a look at Durna's work. So, while Durna had never had room in her life for children, she accepted Aurore's stalkerish insistance and brought her back home to Vitrun. Despite her initially frayed nerves given she'd found herself with a child mid-buisiness trip, she found great joy in teaching a bundle of feathers to smith like a real artisan.


Aurore has always taken a fascination to shiny and beautiful things, although never for quite the reasons anyone expects. Despite her skill in a trade, she's never been one to sit still, and she feels no need to create a hoard of wealth or beautiful artifacts. Instead, she seems to have taken a shine to the darker parts of her town, to the mundane and bleak work of the average Kyvalorian. The call of beauty lead her down the path of a scientist, and she's detirmined to keep learning.


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