Botanist's Shop

Fern the Voxibell

Upon entering the shop you have to duck in order to avoid the dangling plants above yor head. You hear the twilling of a kipin somewhere in the shop, but it's nowhere to be seen amongst the rows and piles of potted plants of all shapes and sizes. A colorful aroma of almost sickly sweet plants engulfs you the deeper you head into the shop, you think there might be a counter here somewhere.
On your left are pots of bright flowers of all hues on tiered shelving. Some of the pots have painted designs that look like they were meticulously done by hand.

"Oh! Sorry about that didn't see ya!" You hear a voice call from somewhere and a moment later a bright friendly face under a large plant filled hat peers from behind a large shelving of draping vine-like plants with brightly pink flowers. She emerges with leaves stuck in her fur and her tail held high with potted plants dangling from it and swinging as she walk over to what you assume was the counter, but now was being used for more plant shelving.

"What can I get you dear?"