Magic Tome Shop

The Shop of Magical Tomes opens on the hinges of large, finely carved wooden doors. The door's inscriptions show multiple rows of larger than life scenes and acts, promising wonders within. The atmosphere inside is quiet, the light and a small amount of dust hanging still in the air, even as the doors close behind you. Warm wooden planks hide under carpets that wind between shelves, floor to ceiling full of books. Stairs passing both sides of the counter at the end of the room lead to a second floor of another row of tomes, more than a few of the spines glinting gold and silver leafed texts in the sunlight. A small, spined creature scurries apologetically in front of you, a book delicately balanced on it's back. On another shelf, two furry creatures seem to be bickering about where a particular blue-bound book belongs. You can feel the eyes of more creatures from inside the many shelves, curious to the newcomer. Behind the far desk, Modeous puts his book down, and looks up at you with a curt smile.

"What can I help you with?"