Iceflame Armory

Dargan the Voxibell
The sounds of clanking metal and an open flame bombard your ears as you enter the shop. A Large dire voxi sits at the forge, sweat beading on his brow. He makes eye contact with you and gives a brisk nod before continuing to hammer the flame red metal on the anvil. It looks like the beginnings of a blade.
Glancing around the armory you notice a board with listed jobs in the area,
'Missing daughter. Last site seen was in the eastern part of the mountains. Please Help'
'Murdered herd of Yuedre, looking for revenge, seek Caldra for assignment'
'Found lost item. Come to the Manalight Inn for pickup.' - 
A grunt breaks your concentration and you look up to find the large Voxi at the front counter.

"We're low on supplies so nothing already crafted at the moment. I can teach you how to craft your own though if you find your own supplies." He says without waiting for you to say a word.