Character Classes

Water Mage

Proficiency in the ebb and flow of this branch of magic opens the user up to many interesting and creative abilities. As the name insists you become able to control water in almost all of it's non-solid forms. You can push and pull at water sources, draining pools or moving the course of streams and small rivers. You can purify water by separating it from it's pollutants, or by pulling excess water from the earth. You even can have a say in the weather, by calling upon the clouds to dump their payloads if enough moisture is in the air for you to manipulate. Abilities like this can literally save your life, as you have a much easier time staying hydrated while traversing dry environments than your fellows, or rescue yourself or others from a watery demise. Like the water you control, you gain a fluid, flexible and surprisingly strong set of powers and abilities to help shape the world.

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